All In One ePOS: What It Is and Why You Need It

We explain the features of an all in one ePOS system and why your retail business needs one!


If you’re looking to upgrade your point of sale, you will already know there are countless options to choose from. In addition to providers, there are also many different types of POS to consider from computer-based systems, tablet POS or a combination of both.

An important factor is the features that a point of sale offers from the most basic cash till to more comprehensive systems that offer a full dashboard, inventory management, reporting and insights, customer management and eCommerce functionality - as well as much more!

For most businesses, the best option is the all in one ePOS solution, so in this blog we’ll explain exactly what it is and why you need it.

The next generation of ePOS

If you’re upgrading from the most basic point of sale - the cash till or similar, you’ll know that its functionality doesn’t stretch far beyond completing sales. When you adopt an all in one ePOS like Saledock, you’ll be taking steps to revolutionise how you run your business, saving you time, money and effort. It’s important to consider the following:

Inventory management

One of the biggest headaches in retail is the management of stock. Relying on manual data entry and spreadsheets is a thing of the past as your all in one ePOS has powerful inventory management software. From syncing your stock across multiple locations to updating stock levels automatically from sales and purchase orders, you’ll have access to accurate data in real-time, from anywhere. With reliable data, comes smarter business decisions. In our previous blog, we explain why real-time data is vital to success in retail.

Top Tip from Saledock: With our powerful stock control app, you can use any smart device to track your inventory, anywhere, anytime. Turn your mobile into a powerful barcode scanner with our stock control app! Start a stock take, write-off stock or receive goods using the built in scanner or camera on your phone.

Customer management

An all in one ePOS will also have customer management features, allowing you to build a complete picture and get to know your customers better. In addition to getting to know your customers, Saledock tracks customer purchase habits and offers personalised discounts, promo codes and loyalty points. You’ll have an unrivalled understanding of your clients’ needs and how to give them the best experience with your retail business.

Retail Analytics

The key to making the best decisions for your retail business is to have accurate data to support your decisions. Having an all in one ePOS takes away the hard work of maintaining accurate insights into stock levels. Seeing what’s selling and what’s not across multiple locations gives you immediate and accurate insight into how to manage inventory whether you’re a single or multi-store enterprise.

It’s essential to choose a solution that gives you the analytics that you need:

  • A powerful dashboard to help you understand your business and see how your business runs overall.
  • Performance reports to track sales of products, brands, categories and suppliers in real-time.
  • Stock optimization to tell you exactly what’s selling down to the size and variant.
  • Low stock reports allow you to set reorder points and never over or under stock again.
  • Year on year reports to track your performance over time.
  • Staff reports to identify best performers and support those who need it.
  • End of day reports.
  • Finance reports comparing store or register performance to identify top performing areas of your business.

Automate Tasks

With a traditional point of sale, the standard practice is to track inventory with manual data entry or spreadsheets. These may have served you well in the beginning, but as your business grows, manual data entry becomes less reliable and certainly won't help you keep up with the current retail landscape.

As the modern customer expects more from retailers, such as automated processes that are fast and efficient, can you really afford not to keep up with competitors?

Most manual processes in retail rely on well-trained staff which takes a great deal of time, money and effort to establish, only to be repeated with new employees over time. Human error is a costly factor in retail so with an all in one ePOS, you can eliminate errors, data duplication and even data loss, while making inventory management simple for your staff. We explain the importance of reducing human error and automating manual processes in our previous blog.

ePOS Integration

The all in one ePOS benefits don’t stop at powerful inventory and customer management! They also have the capability to extend their features, incorporating eCommerce, integrated payments, accounting and marketing:

  • eCommerce: Saledock offers quality eCommerce platforms, allowing you to easily sell online, on social and Google Shopping.
  • Payments With multiple options for integrated payments from Dojo, Paymentsense, SumUp and other providers, you can guarantee fast and secure payments with Saledock. This ensures that you never need to manually accept credit card information and therefore, can eliminate costly mistakes.
  • Accounting: With Xero integration, purchase orders, payments, discounts, taxes and liabilities are synced to Xero for easier reconciliation. Generate reports for single or multi-store for in-depth analysis.
  • Marketing: To extend your customer management features, you can integrate additional software such as email marketing with HubSpot, syncing customer profiles for your marketing campaigns. Using purchase history, you can create bespoke email marketing to better target your audience.


All in one ePOS solutions save time and effort, improving the customer experience with better insights into purchase habits and customer loyalty. With real-time, accurate analytics, an all in one ePOS puts you in the driving seat to make smart business decisions, eliminating errors, driving your business forward and creating a seamless experience for your customers, in store and online. The question is: Can you really afford not to?

Saledock is the all in one ePOS, eCommerce and inventory solution that makes selling and retail management a breeze. If you’re interested in finding out how Saledock can drive your business towards success, you can see what our customers have to say!

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