Back to basics – the benefits of modernising your ePOS system

The advantages of investing in a modern ePOS solution for your retail business.


Investing in a modern, high quality ePOS system will pay for itself in spades. Not only will your staff thank you for it, but your customers will too, and you’ll soon wonder how you ever managed your business without one.

If you run a smaller business and are currently relying on a cash register to process your sales, you may wonder if it’s really wort the investment. While it may seem as though you’re simply upgrading your hardware, that’s far from the truth; in reality you’re upgrading your entire business.

You’ll quickly begin to see the return on your investment as you save money, improve productivity and save countless hours every month on business administration while also making better, more informed business decisions.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of modernising your ePOS system, whatever the size of your business.

Saving Time

Serve your customers faster than ever before with an intuitive ePOS system with quick keys and barcode scanning for quicker transactions and reduced keying errors. Not only will queues be smaller at peak times, but your staff will be able to focus on your customers instead of complex processes.

Simplify the refund and exchange process with a system which stores a customer’s complete sales history. And, with mobile POS devices your staff don’t even have to be at the counter to serve your customers, look up stock or check on the status of an order.

With Saledock you and your staff can save valuable time and wow your customers with the speed and accuracy at which you can meet their needs. And, with integrated payments and a seamless connection to Xero accounting software, there’s no need for manual reconciliation.

Secure Data

Want to lock down your commercial data? With a modern ePOS solution you can create user-based permissions so that only staff with the correct access levels can access your most sensitive data.

With Saledock you can limit access to sensitive information to those staff who really need it, putting your own and your customers’ minds at rest.

Promotions and Discounts

Need to shift slow moving stock or create a seasonal sale? It’s simple with the right ePOS software. Promotions can be automatically applied at checkout and items can be put on layby for payment at a later date without the need for manual discounts or additional paperwork.

With Saledock you can implement gift cards, offer split and partial payment options, design promotions which your customers will respond to and manage pricing across individual locations or your entire estate of retail outlets.

Better Business Decisions

If you’re used to making decisions on the fly or trawling through spreadsheets or reems of paper to get the data you need to make an informed decision, you’ll be amazed at the amount of business intelligence a modern ePOS system can provide. You’ll have a greater understanding of your business than ever before and be able to make informed decisions based on fact, not feeling.

Saledock’s detailed analytics allows you to identify trends, track product, store and staff performance and discover detailed customer buying habits.

Effortless Inventory Management

A good quality ePOS system will incorporate inventory management seamlessly, ensuring stock levels are accurate and up-to-date while helping you to make the right choices about which products to keep in stock, when to reorder and helping you to identify those slow movers. These key benefits will help you to optimise your stock holding so you always have enough inventory on hand to meet your customers’ needs.

Not only does Saledock simplify inventory management, our proprietary Stock Control App allows you to perform stock takes with ease.

Customer Loyalty

Nowadays, customers expect so much more from a loyalty scheme than a simple stamp and card system. Cards are easily misplaced and retailers can be defrauded by unscrupulous customers - which is exactly why McDonalds have recently digitalised their own loyalty scheme.

A modern ePOS solution with integrated loyalty features will allow you to tailor offers to individual customers or customer groups, offer discounts or rewards which really appeal to them, and even allow them to use their benefits both online and in-store.

Increase customer retention and gather valuable marketing insights with Saledock’s sophisticated customer loyalty features. And, the CRM functionality of our software enables you to build a profile for each customer so you can truly serve their individual needs.

High Quality Hardware

It’s important to understand that not all hardware is compatible with all software, which is why a single supplier who can provide you with an all-in-one solution is always recommended. And, when you choose a sole supplier your ePOS solution, you benefit from a single point of contact should you need support.

With Saledock you can be assured that you are selecting high quality hardware which has been thoroughly tested to be compatible with our software. What’s more, our support is based entirely in the UK so you know exactly who you are speaking to when you need help.

What Next?

Whether you still need convincing, or you’re ready to upgrade your business, there’s no better way to make an informed decision than seeing Saledock for yourself. That’s why we offer a FREE 14 day trial with access to all Pro Plan features. Simply sign up here and see for yourself why Saledock was awarded ‘Point of Sale Technology of the Year’ at the Retail Systems Awards 2022.