Customer experience is king, don’t be let down by your technology.

How a modern, feature-rich retail management system can boost sales and increase customer retention.


As Amazon announces a freeze on the expansion of it’s checkout-free store expansion plans amid lacklustre sales and tough economic conditions, does this goes to prove that customers value customer experience above all else?

Swiftly changing circumstances over the last few years have necessitated changes in how retailers serve their customers, not least the pandemic which completely changed the way shoppers interacted with retailers overnight. While the retail sector has coped reasonably well with changes in shopper behaviour, businesses must remain agile enough to cope with whatever comes next.

Traditional stores suffered greatly over the last two years and had to move quickly to a click and collect, online or hybrid model to deal with changing circumstances and transition to meeting the needs of customers in whatever way they wanted to buy in order to keep afloat, putting customer experience at the forefront of their priorities. It is this transition to a customer-first approach which necessitates new ways of working like never before.

Saledock’s platform and back office is the ideal solution for retailers who are ready to take the next step to providing exceptional customer service. Let’s take a closer look at how our features and functionality can contribute to your business’ growth plans.

Retail ePOS System

The customer’s experience at the point of sale is crucial. It’s your chance to excel at face-to-face interaction and to impress buyers who venture into your store. If your existing POS solution lets you down, it doesn’t just leave a bad impression, but it damages your brand.

A powerful POS solution which is easy to use yet offers sophisticated features will reduce queues at the till, empower your shop staff to sell more and improve the overall customer experience.

With Saledock’s POS solution you and your customers benefit from:

  • Instant barcode scanning
  • Customised settings for your staff for fewer checkout mistakes
  • Promotions and discounts to boost your sales
  • Order saving, split payments and layby so your customer can complete a purchase when they’re ready
  • Complete sales history for easy exchanges and refunds
  • Carefully selected hardware to meet any store’s unique requirements

eCommerce Platform

The right eCommerce solution will turn online browsers into buyers no matter who or where they are. If you’re using an off-the-shelf eCommerce platform or you’re yet to move your business online, it’s important you consider how well your chosen solution can serve your customers.

Saledock’s eCommerce sites are built to your requirements on our own proprietary platform so you can be safe in the knowledge that your customers’ experience is the number one priority.

With our eCommerce solution you benefit from:

  • A quick eCommerce site which reduces bounce rates and increases conversions
  • Multi-site functionality so you can fulfil orders from any store
  • Live inventory sync so you never oversell
  • Full control over your inventory, site content and media
  • Filters and size guides to help your customers find what they are looking for
  • Reliable hosting so you don’t have to worry about system outages
  • Integrated Google Analytics so you can monitor performance
  • SEO tooling so prospective customers can find your site
  • Secure payments including Stripe, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Klarna for your customers’ peace of mind

Inventory Management

Managing your inventory is a complex process and getting it wrong simply isn’t an option. Stock takes can be laborious and error-prone without the right solution. Automating this process not only saves time but ensures that your stock profile is both accurate and fit for purpose, reducing dead and slow moving stock, and ensuring you never run out of those best sellers so you don’t risk disappointing customers.

Effortless inventory management frees your time up for more important tasks, like serving your customers.

Saledock automates and simplifies inventory management so you benefit from:

  • Simple variant management
  • Promotions and deals to sell through slow movers
  • Analytics so you know exactly what sells and what doesn’t so that can ensure you’re meeting your customers’ needs
  • Low stock alerts and custom re-order points for stock replenishment
  • Tracking orders, partial deliveries and returns
  • Full or partial stock takes with our in-house stock control app
  • Profit and loss reports by product, range and supplier


If your current solution hinders decision-making because reports are scattered or even paper-based, you’ll no doubt be frustrated with the lack of business insights. With in-depth analytics and business intelligence, you can make fact-based decisions safe in the knowledge that your data is accurate.

Analytics can not only help you to optimise your stock profile by identifying what’s hot and what’s not, you’ll also be able to plan ahead for busier periods by identifying trends and spending habits. And it’s not limited to products, with Saledock you can also identify your best performing locations, sales channels, and even staff while also understanding which periods are busiest so you can staff accordingly.

Saledock’s analytics tools offer:

  • Live data which instantly syncs throughout the system
  • Reports to support vital decision making
  • Insights to help you plan what, when and how you sell products so you can meet your customers’ needs
  • Compare sales channels and prioritise your staff, stock and other assets for maximum efficiency and the best customer experience
  • Understand your customers better so you can tailor your marketing

Customer Loyalty

It’s received wisdom that loyalty schemes work as shoppers are much more likely to purchase from a retailer who rewards them for repeat custom and sends them personalised offers. Gone are the days of the stamp on a card, loyalty has moved on and so have shoppers’ expectations. A loyalty scheme which supports omni-channel shopping will reward your customers wherever and however they choose to buy and motivate them to be loyal to your brand.

With Saledock’s loyalty features you can:

  • Increase customer retention
  • Design tiered rewards that really appeal to your customers
  • Encourage your customer to spend more and shop more frequently
  • Let the customer take control by scanning their card in-store and viewing their loyalty balance on their online account

Customer Management

A feature-rich customer relationship management system enables you to get to know your customers so that you can serve them as individuals, not as anonymous shoppers, increasing their loyalty and retaining them as valued customers.

Saledock’s solution allows you to add a new customer right from the POS, view their details, sales history and more so that you can tailor your service specifically to them.

With our customer management solution you can:

  • Upsell and recommend products you know your customers will appreciate
  • Bulk import your customers list using CSV
  • 2 way sync with HubSpot and manage your data in one place
  • Use HubSpot to create tailored marketing campaigns
  • Create tiered price lists for customer groups

What Next?

If you’re existing system is letting your customers down, it’s time to look at Saledock. Our solution has been built specifically for modern retailers and includes all the functionality you’d expect, and more!

Why not see it for yourself and learn why Saledock has been named Point of Sale Technology of the Year at the 2022 Retail Systems Awards. Start your FREE 14 day trial today and learn how our fast, intuitive point of sale solution can support your business’ goals from day 1.

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