Saledock and NearSt partner to make Physical Retailers Visible


We are thrilled to announce our partnership between Saledock and NearSt. We understand that the retail landscape is rapidly evolving, and consumer behaviour is shifting toward online searches for in-store products. Together, NearSt and Saledock are working to shape the future of retail and drive foot traffic back into high street shops across the globe.

NearSt is a retail technology company on a mission to get more people into physical retailers by connecting the live inventory of nearby shops to the web. Its technology integrates directly with our POS system and shares which products are available, where they are stocked, and when they can be purchased in Google. With NearSt, retailers can unlock the full potential of their physical stores by making their inventory visible to millions of shoppers searching nearby on popular platforms like Google and Facebook.

Saledock has been empowering retailers for years with impactful innovations that keep them ahead of the curve. Their industry-leading POS solutions enable high street retailers to streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive growth. By combining NearSt's real-time inventory visibility with Saledock’s robust POS capabilities, we are creating a powerful solution that will revolutionise the retail industry.

As part of this exciting collaboration, we invite our clients to sign up and join NearSt via the Saledock system. Join via before June 30th and you'll receive a 50 GBP advertising credit for free to promote your store through NearSt.

Join us in shaping the future of retail, reinvent high street shops, and provide customers with a seamless shopping experience that combines the convenience of online browsing with the joy of discovering products in-store.